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Our History

Pit Stop Popcorn's history began nearly sixty years before a single kernal was ever popped. In 1964, a Grumman Kurbside step van rolled off the General Motors assembly line in Tarrytown, New York and headed west to begin its life as a Sunbeam Bread delivery truck in Indiana. After many years of service in that role the truck changed hands several times before finally landing in Ohio, where it was purchased by current owner Steve Sherwood of Binghamton. The truck was loaded on a trailer and brought to its current home in Apalachin, New York in the middle of a blizzard in January of 2017. So began the long process of restoring the truck beyond its original glory.

Over the next several years countless hours were spent stripping paint, repairing and replacing body panels, installing new windshields and windows, replacing engine components, and performing countless other repairs. Finally, the truck was outfitted with a brand new commercial kitchen complete with sinks, cooking equipment, a serving window, counters, and shelving. in 2021, the newly-completed truck finally hit the streets and headed to our first ever event, a year-end banquet for the Owego, New York Fire Department.

In 2023 a second unit was added to the popcorn fleet- this time a twenty foot enclosed trailer that is used for larger events. 

While it may be short in history, the story of Pit Stop Popcorn is still being written as we continue to grow here in the Southern Tier of New York and beyond. 


The truck arrived-in a blizzard- to its current home from Ohio in January of 2017.

Glass and accessories were removed, body panels were sanded and primed, and preparations were made for the truck's paint job.


While sanding the body the truck's original Sunbeam Bread blue and yellow paint were revealed. Notice the new lower body panel that was completely replaced- the truck body is made nearly entirely of 1/8 thick aluminum.


Following many, many hours of prep work the truck received a fresh coat of paint at Valley Auto Body in Waverly, New York.


Once home from the paint shop the truck was rewired with new headlights, taillights and markers being added as well. 


Once the truck restoration was complete work began on the installation of the mobile kitchen. The walls and ceiling were insulated and covered with white aluminum. Sinks, cabinets, water tanks, and electrical systems were also installed before equipment was moved in.

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