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Our Popcorn

What makes our popcorn different from all the others? There's no secrets; we're happy to tell you!

The Best Ingredients

When you're making a simple product the quality of ingredients is absolutely critical. That's why we've tested countless brands and types of popcorn kernels, oils, and seasonings to ensure the best quality end product. All of our popcorn is popped in coconut or corn oil, both of which are among the most expensive cooking oils on the market. Our kernels are shipped to us weekly and frequently tested to ensure they meet our standards of size and tenderness.

Small Batch Production

All of our popcorn is popped in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. From the time our kettle is dumped to the time your popcorn is bagged and sealed is under two minutes. This limits exposure to moisture in the air and ensures that each bag is fresh and crunchy.

The Right Packaging

Have you ever gone to an event and purchased a box or bucket of popcorn, only to find that it's long past its prime? Popcorn is very susceptible to moisture in the air and needs to be completely sealed to stay fresh. That's why we use a special type of plastic bag with a twist tie closure at all events, and a heavy-duty resealable bag for all of our fundraiser and wholesale orders. If stored properly, our popcorn will stay fresh for several weeks!

A Willingness to Learn

We're always striving for perfection when it comes to our popcorn. We frequently test new ingredients, try new recipes, and seek feedback from our supporters in an effort to better our products. 

Ready to try a bag? Order online from our store or visit our event schedule page to see where you can grab a bag!

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